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Anything that doesn't fit into any particular category at this moment in time, i.e. books, reviews, articles etc. will appear on these pages.

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Title: The Modern Guitarist
Author: Matt Williams

'This book may be viewed as a gathering together of talent under one umbrella; one which encompasses all styles of music and actively discourages the kind of in-fighting and egotism which can exist in the field. So let's congratulate virtue, put aside misinformed perception, and concentrate on what New-Age guitar playing is all about and how it's best served by its protagonists'.

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Virtuoso keyboard player, Richard Andersson has a new project called Space Odyssey whose CD is 'Embrace The Galaxy'. Matt Williams caught up with Richard for a chat.
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Canadian guitar monster, Dave Martone's new CD is called 'A Demon's Dream' - and a brilliant piece of music it is too. Diverse, superbly engineered and produced, guitar instrumental albums don't get more interesting than this. Matt Williams caught up with Dave to ask him about the new album.
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Fabien from Guitar Heroes puts Matt Williams in the interrogation chair, for another insight into the man and his music.

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IT'S TIME TO SHRED - an interview with Liquid Note Records By Nicky (shred-head) Baldrian (

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Dan McAvinchey of Guitar Nine interviews Matt Williams, head of LNR, to get an insider's view of the label, and to discuss in detail the vision and driving force behind the business.

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