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The Alchemists

A great review from Polish guitar expert, Mikolaj Furmankiewicz. Read it on the Department of Virtuosity website.

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Yaan Guinamand wrote a good review of The Alchemists

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Rene Yedema of Dutch mag, IO Pages wrote a complimentary review of TA

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Nick Hinton of UK shred fanzine, Virtuosa wrote a nice review of TA

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Eric Rasmussen of Starvox reviewed the two disc compilation 'The Alchemists'
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Metal E-Zine's Richard Karsmakers reviewed 'The Alchemists' - and had this to say.

What rating did Metal Kingdom give to 'The Alchemists' album?

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Read the Dmitry Epstein interview with Matt Williams, plus Dmitry's review of 'The Alchemists' - LNR's latest release.

MJ Brady of ProGGnosis reviews 'The Alchemists'.

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AOR liked the CD a lot.

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