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The Alchemists II

The Finnish Jazz Rhythm magazine gave TAII a favourable review, which you can read

Here (Finnish Only) >>>

Nick Hinton of UK shred fanzine, Virtuosa wrote a nice review of TAII in Issue 18

Which you can read here >>>

IO Pages' René Yedema wrote a very favourable review which you can read

Here (Dutch only) >>>

Instrumental's Dave B contributed an ace review which you can read

Here >>>

A great review from Polish guitar expert, Mikolaj Furmankiewicz. Read it on the Department of Virtuosity website.

Here >>>

Francois at Guitars supplied a great TAII review

Read it here >>>

Yaan Guinamand wrote a good review of The Alchemists II

Check it out here (French only) >>>

Dmitry Epstein gave Alchemists II a healthy 4 and a half out of 5.

Read his review here >>>


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