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Dmitry M. Epstein conducted this interesting and in-depth interview with Milan Polak (inc. questions on J.A.M.)

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Italian guitar magazine, Chitarre penned this review

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German site, Babyblaue-Seiten wrote this review

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Si Badham of The Essential Guitarist gave J.A.M. a great review

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Nick Hinton of UK shred fanzine, Virtuosa wrote a nice review of J.A.M.

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Andy Craven of Virtuosity One gave J.A.M. 9 out of 10
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Mike Sandomirsky of Canadian site, Guitar Mania made J.A.M. his CD of the month of May
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ProGGnosis's MJ Brady gives J.A.M. the seal of approval
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Another cool review from Strutter 'Zine
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5 out of 5 review from Dmitry M. Epstein
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