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Richard Hallebeek Project

A great review from Polish guitar expert, Mikolaj Furmankiewicz. Read it on the Department of Virtuosity website.

Here >>>

Guglielmo Malusardi of Italian Axe magazine conducted a lengthy interview with Rich. You can read the translation
Here >>>

Simon Badham's award-winning webzine, Essential Gutiarist conducted this fascinating interview with Rich Hallebeek re: RHP
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Krzysztof Misiak of Polish newsstand magazine, Gitara i Bas wrote some very complimentary words about RHP (Polish only)

Check it out here >>> and here >>>

Jeffrey E Terwilliger of Prog Rock site, The Dutch Progressive Rock Page gave RHP a great review

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A very complimentary review in Holland's IO Pages
Check it out here >>> and (in Dutch) here >>>

Another great review in Holland's Bass Magazine
Check it out here >>> and (in Dutch, p.10) here >>>

A good German review at Babyblaue-Seiten
Check it out (German only) >>>

Simon Badham's sublime and award-winning online mag, Essential Gutiarist published this great RHP review
Read it here >>>

Dutch mag, IO Pages conducted an in-depth inteview with Rich
Check it out here (Dutch only, P.8) >>>

Ragazzi Website gave RHP a great review
And had this to say (German) >>>

The August 2004 edn. of UK mag, Guitar Techniques gave RHP 4 out of 5
Read it here >>>

Andy Craven of VirtuosityOne loved RHP
And had this to say >>>

MJ Brady of ProGGnosis recommended RHP
And wrote the following >>>

Mike Sandomirsky of Canada's Guitar Mania voted RHP as his album of the month
And said this >>>

Strutterzine gave RHP the thumbs up
And wrote this >>>

Israeli reviewer, Dmitry Epstein gave RHP 4 out of 5
Read the review here >>>


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