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The Alchemists II album released 23/01/07

The Alchemists II, the sequel to LNR's highly popular The Alchemists (double) compilation CD has been officially released. You can purchase this album from the order page. Some of the original Alchemists have returned for the new CD, including Bumblefoot, Terry Syrek, Brett Garsed and Richard Hallebeek. But alongside the better known players you will find many new and upcoming musicians; players who are producing exciting, vibrant music for the new millennium. 15 tracks and over 75 mins of guitar bliss, covering every mood from metal to fusion, blues to avant garde, acoustic to dance!

All tracks are original to this compilation.

Other order links will soon be added. This is likely to be a popular album, so order your copy now - and tell your friends about us!

Preorder The Alchemists II album 10/12/06

The Alchemists II is the sequel to LNR's highly popular The Alchemists (double) compilation CD, which was released in 2002.

Here at LNR, we wanted to bring you something different for the follow-up, so we made the unorthodox decision to feature 2 guitar players per tune. This really is The Alchemists II; or put another way, 2 Alchemists on every track!

Some of the original Alchemists have returned for the new CD, including Bumblefoot, Terry Syrek, Brett Garsed and Richard Hallebeek. But alongside the better known players you will find many new and upcoming musicians; players who are producing exciting, vibrant music for the new millennium. 15 tracks and over 75 mins of guitar bliss, covering every mood from metal to fusion, blues to avant garde, acoustic to dance!

The official retail price of The Alchemists II  cd album will be �99 / $17.99 US dollars / 13.99 EUR. However, if you preorder now you will be able to purchase the CD for �99 / $15.99 US dollars / 11.99 EUR. The CD is is completed and will go to the pressing plant before Christmas 2006. It will be released in January 2007.

All tracks are original to this compilation.

To preorder The Alchemists II, please click here.

All Out Guitar Site Launched 18/09/06

A great new UK site called All Out has just been launched. This is exciting stuff! In the site's own words:

' is the first fully fledged free to use on line guitar magazine. Designed to appeal to all guitar fans regardless of musical taste, AOG will provide the most in-depth interviews and features possible with artists from all genres and music styles. AOG will review the latest music and DVD releases, inform you about releases you may have missed, and re-assess some classic albums. AOG will notify you about guitar related concerts, gigs and events both Internationally and locally.'

With involvement from some of the hottest names in the business, as well as exciting features and interviews, the site is likely to soon become THE place for guitarists to hang out in cyberspace. Do yourself a favour and check it out/register NOW!

Essential Guitarist Competition Winner! 31/08/06

And the winner is...

The winner of the Essential Guitarist :: Hallebeek :: Liquid Note Records fusion competition is... Rick Graham! We were pleased to receive such amazing entries from players all over the world doing their take of "New Day", but there can only be one winner...

Rick's prize includes a personal online lesson with Rich Hallebeek, Liquid Note Records's current discography, and a forthcoming interview/lesson with the folk at Essential

Congrats Rick!

FretTunes is Launched! 09/08/06

FretTunes has been launched! It's the brainchild of Australian DJ, Steve Passiouras. Regulars will be familiar with Steve, given that he hosts the ever popular radio show, Fretnet, a show that has been very supportive of LNR music in the past.

The emphasis is on guitar-oriented music, with the added advantage of being able to download albums in FLAC format.

Essential Guitarist website hosts Rich Hallebeek competition 10/04/06

More details coming soon

Milan Polak plays J.A.M. tracks in home videos 27/03/06

J.A.M. guitarist, Milan Polak has uploaded videos of him playing on his J.A.M. tunes, 'Back On the Track' and 'The Usual Unusual'. 

Mario Parga Seeks Keyboardist for Mario Parga Band 02/12/05

LNR artist, Mario Parga requires a keyboard player for his band.

 Says Mario, 'The kind of player we're looking for will add depth and ambience to the band's sound. Auditions and rehearsals will be in the Oxfordshire, UK area. Live dates and a new album will follow during 2006.

 'Please submit via email your biog, two recent photos and two MP3 files to:

 'All applicants will be considered fairly regardless of sex, colour, ethnicity, etc.'

Win a guitar lesson with Mario Parga 28/10/05

To celebrate the upcoming release of UK guitar magician, Mario Parga's solo CD, Entranced, plus the first anniversary of Mario's website, Mario is offering one lucky winner the chance to take a private lesson with him via webcam (and webcam only). The winner will need to possess a good quality webcam, and above all a fast broadband connection.

You can enter the competition by answering the following question: In which key is Mario's composition, 'Valse Diabolique' written? To enter, simply email your answer to

The competition closing date is Friday 25th November 2005.

Good luck!

LNR artist, Terry Syrek Releases 1st Solo CD 08/10/05

Liquid Note Records (The Alchemists) artist, Terry Syrek has just released his first full-length solo CD, Aum. Terry has experimented with different ethnic ideas and sounds to produce a brilliant album which will appeal to guitar fans everywhere. As well as employing a professional drummer, he has added tablas, windchimes, glockenspiels, tympanis, cowbells, even a 562 inch Chinese gong (!) to create a wonderfully refreshing, well produced selection of music.

There's ultra-heavy stuff, relaxed and complex acoustic; an electic mixture of vocal (Terry himself) and instrumental tunes. And of course, you can expect loads of incredible lead runs and complex, jaw-dropping technical ideas. Terry's long been admired as one of the best of the 'underground shredders', and with Aum you will see why. What is all the more impressive is that he suffers from a neurological condition called 'focal dystonia', which means he only has two fully functional left-hand fingers with which to create his amazing runs. You won't notice though, because Terry has compensated, adding amazing tapping and other self-patented techniques to create a truly exemplorary soundscape.

I urge anyone even remotely interested in great guitar-driven music to buy this album immediately. I can't recommend Terry and his music highly enough.

 You can contact Terry on to purchase the CD.

 Support this great artist and buy 'Aum' now!!

LNR CDs now available in Europe! 30/08/05

LNR is proud to announce that as of now all current and future LNRreleases will be available from Guitar Euroshop. This guitar-based serviceis based in France and run by the very capable Franck Ribiere. What thismeans is that if you live in Europe you can now order directly from GuitarEuroshop, rather than ordering from the various UK and US sites that stockour CDs.

To purchase our CDs from Guitar Euroshop, either head on over to the store or alternatively, visit the Releases page of the LNR site, and then click on Buy It for whichever CD you're interested in. At the top of the page youwill find an icon which when clicked will take you directly to theGuitar Euroshop site.

Lale Larson's New Site 25/05/05

LNR artist and wizard keyboard player, Lale Larson has revamped his website. The new version is snazzy indeed, complete with full mp3 downloads of forthcoming tunes, freely downloadable videos and info aplenty.

Lale Larson's Seven Deadly Pieces DVD 14/03/05

Lale Larson's Seven Deadly Pieces -A groundbreaking concert for chamber orchestra & thrash metal band.

Says Lale: 'We are in the middle of cutting the DVD right now. We're doingseven different videos for the seven pieces. The final DVD will also havea documentary and lots of interviews and live clips from my different gigsin Europe, with clips from Karmakanic & RHP etc.

'We'll also do an audio commentary in both Swedish and English with me andmembers of Darkane; photo galleries etc. The booklet will feature Frenchpoet Nico Moulard who has written a poem for every piece.

'They are talking about showing the concert part of the DVD over here inMay at the Henry Dunker Culture Center, Helsingborg Sweden. It's probablyrealistic to say that everything will be finished after summer andreleased soon after. At the moment it's all a question of money and time.I will post updates on my site and send news mail to people when it'savailable. I'll let you know.'

Oh, I nearly forgot. Yours truly, Matt Williams has a stake inthis too - if you download the trailer you'll see moi talkingabout the DVD. What more incentive do you need to download the clip!?

RHP to play live! 08/01/05

Want to see RHP play live? If you're able to get to Rotterdam on 5th February then your wish will come true.

But don't worry if you can't make this gig - there are others planned for early 2005: Brasserie in Emmen on January 30th; Blijburg, Amsterdam on February 14; Buckshot in Groningen on February 6; clinic with keyboard maestro, Lale Larson at Tune Up in Haarlem on February 12; and Het Meterhuis, Haarlem on February 13. See Rich Hallebeek's site for more details. Don't miss this rare chance to see RHP perform live!

3 LNR CDs For The Price of 2 Christmas Offer 11/12/04

Shredmas comes but once a year, and now you can be a part of it by takingup this special, time-limited Christmas offer. Click here andyou will be able to purchase 3 LNR CDs for the price of 2, i.e. �.98(GBP). Follow the instructions on the page, sit back and wait for 3 LNRCDs to hit your doormat!

Please note that this offer is only being run through Matchbox Recordings in the UK (though you may order from wherever you are in the world). Postage & packing is completely free.

So what are you waiting for? What better Christmas present for shred-hungry people like yourselves?

RHP in Top 100 Annual Global Progressive Rock Discs in US Radio Listener Poll 02/12/04

RHP will be featured this Saturday, 04/12/04 at #50 as part of the 8th Annual Global Progressive Rock Top 100 Discs of the Year Listener poll.

 The program begins Saturday at 10pm US Eastern Time.

Richard Hallebeek on Jury of The Sena International Guitar Awards 31/10/04

LNR guitar master, Richard Hallebeek has been asked to be on the jury of the prestigious Sena International Guitar Awards in Holland. This event is well publicised in magazines and on television, so it is great honour to be asked. Ex-Whitesnake guitarist, Adrian Vandenburg is also on the jury.

 Semi-final: 14 November - Grand Cafe Gooiland (Hilversum). Final: 21 November - Theater Gooiland (Hilversum). Come along if you can!

Rich will also be playing several RHP gigs (with other RHP players) in Rotterdam on the 5th of February 2005 and in Emmen and Groningen (N.Holland). More info as we have it.

Liquid Note Records Webcast on! 12/10/04

Australian guitar radio show, Fretnet will be running a one-off LNR 4 hour special on 17/10/04. The show will feature nothing but LNR music and will hopefully feature interviews with LNR musicians.

This promises to be a momentous occasion. Don't miss it!

J.A.M. Interview at Essential 05/10/04

Simon Badham of the award-winning Essential Guitarist site has just posted a great interview with the guitarists from the J.A.M. project.

Ominox - Contemporary Past Released 04/09/04

Ominox - Contemporary Past, the much anticipated band project from LNR keyboard maestro, Lale Larson has finally been released. You can pick up this outstanding slice of jazz rock fusion by visiting the Releases page. Stocks are limited, so don't waste another moment - go get it!

Electrocution 250 receives Japanese release in September! 26/07/04

Marquee/Avalon, the Japanese label which have featured such heavyweights as Adagio, Derek Sherinian and Liquid Tension Experiment, will release Electrocution 250 - complete with one extra track - in September 2004. Final date to be announced. Liquid Note Records are very proud to be part of such a collaboration. More news closer to the release date.

Ominox's Contemporary Past CD imminent 22/06/04

Fancy a dose of challenging, catchy, melody-soaked jazz rock fusion with killer keyboard solos and lots of heartfelt guitar solos in the vein of Tribal Tech, Chick Corea and Mike Stern? Yes? Then this CD, the solo project of keyboard maestro Lale Larson is for you!

You can now preorder this fantastic album for a limited time only and receive both a special preorder discount AND an exclusive Ominox tune transcritption, signed by Larson himself. However, these are limited to the first 25 preorders, so you'll have to be quick!

The Alchemists repressed 01/06/04

LNR's first popular release, The Alchemists has just been repressed.

More LNR tracks to be played on Australia's Fretnet 27/05/04

Australian guitar radio show, Fretnet will once again be airing several LNR tunes this weekend. Show presenter, Steve Passiouras will be playing tracks from Richard Hallebeek Project, Electrocution 250 and The Alchemists (shortly to be re-released). Don't worry if you don't live in Australia - you'll be able to listen via webcast. This is a terrific guitar show that plays all your fave guitar tracks and is absolutely NOT to be missed!

J.A.M. tracks to be played on Australian radio station 11/05/04

Australian guitar radio show, Fretnet will be playing 3 tracks from the J.A.M. album on this weekend's show. This is the second time the show has decided to air LNR CDs.

J.A.M. available at Guitar 9 11/05/04

J.A.M. is now available to purchase at Guitar 9 Records. You can also download several mp3 samples from the order page.

LNR albums make the Jazzwise charts 07/05/04

J.A.M. and RHP have made the top 5 chart in the UK's most respected jazz magazine, Jazzwise.  E250 is no. 1 in May 2004's Loughborough Radio's Student Alternative Alternative chart, also compiled by Jazzwise.

J.A.M. CD finally released! 04/05/04

J.A.M., featuring guitar virtuosos, Alessandro Benvenuti, Milan Polak and Joel Rivard is finally out!

New online UK/European Distribution for LNR CDs 04/05/04

J.A.M., Richard Hallebeek Project and Electrocution 250 can now be purchased by clicking on the links for our new UK distribution outlet, Matchbox Recordings. CDs cost �.99 each and can be purchased using a secure server via Worldpay. Best of all, postage and packing is free anywhere in the world.

You may also be interested in purchasing the last Todd Duane CD, Eccentricity, available from the Chops from Hell website.

Richard Hallebeek Project CD out at last! 24/03/04

Richard Hallebeek Project is finally here! You can now order this long awaited CD (which feats. some fantastic jazz rock fusion with guest solos from Shawn Lane and Brett Garsed). Reviews have been very positive so far, so to ensure you don't miss out on what's likely to be a very popular release, head on over and nab yourself a copy this instant!

Latest LNR Release 10/03/04

After a delay Electrocution 250 has finally been released. To order this one-of-a-kind CD, click here.

The RHP CD is about to be released so keep an eye on the news section over the coming weeks. Better still, subscribe to the mailing list to ensure you're the first to know when a new LNR CD is released.

The J.A.M. CD is now completed and will go to the pressing plant in about 2 weeks time. This means that the CD will be ready for distribution around mid-April. More info as we have.

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