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Latest CD updates 12/01/04

The J.A.M. CD is currently being mastered in Austria. We anticipate sending the finished CD to the mastering plant within a few weeks. The music, BTW, sounds AWESOME!

The RHP mastering is all but complete and the CD booklet finished. Only a fortnight or so remains before it's sent to the pressing plant, meaning those who've ordered will have it in their hands around mid-February.

E-250 has run into a slight delay. We've had to redesign the cover which will take a week or so. Other than that, the CDs are currently being pressed and we anticipate that it'll be officially released by the end of January 2004.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Psycho J.A.M.! 03/11/03

Enjoy project albums? CDs which feature several amazing musicians with different yet compatible musical styles, all clamouring for your attention, all with something unique to offer? Then J.A.M. is for you. A marriage of European and American talent, J.A.M. is a mixture of hard-edged rock and blues fusion, pop rock, even ballads; all immersed in some seriously O.T.T. soloing from some of the finest musicians in the business.

Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti and Milan Polak all possess a wealth of experience under their belt, having performed live many times and having contributed to several musical projects utilising many diverse styles. J.A.M. witnesses a collaboration of the highest, with each player writing 3 songs over which the others solo.

The project also features keyboard maestro, Lale Larson (last heard on LNR's The Alchemists CD). This promises to be a feast of fantastic musicianship and unrestrained virtuoso playing which absolutely CANNOT be missed!

Attention!: Preorder J.A.M. now and receive snippet transcriptions of 3 of the album's tunes, signed by all 3 guitarists. Also, for a limited time only, J.A.M. is offered at a reduced preorder price (see order form for details)

*Release date December/January 2003/4 (subject to change). Retail price will be �.99/ 19.25 EUR/ $19.99

Electrocution 250 is here! 22/10/03
Cartoon music from hell, we kid you not!:

Want to hear one of the most astounding shred exercises ever burned onto disc? Want to revel in excess and unparalleled virtuosity? Want to sit there with your jaw hanging open - speechless at the technical mastery one minute, laughing your head off the next? Why am I even asking you? Of COURSE you do, else you wouldn't be visiting this site!

In the early 90s guitarist Todd Duane and keyboardist Lale Larson performed a series of highly popular and virtuoso gigs throughout Europe as well as recording several instrumentals together, including 'Schizoid' (featured on Guitar on the Edge No. 4) and 'Double Delight'. After years of planning the time was finally right for Todd and Lale, together with ace drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Time Requiem) to combine forces and record a CD.

The recording Electric Cartoon Music From Hell by Electrocution 250 sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. This trio plays a mixture of instrumental rock, fusion, thrash metal and jazz. But most of all, this album will remind you of all those old Looney Tune cartoons you saw as a kid. Enjoy these 38 minutes of pure entertainment. Prepare yourself for a force 10, unrestrained and unstoppable hurricane of musical excess and virtuosity. E-250 is here!

Attention! fans of intense cartoon shred: Preorder E-250 now and receive a transcription of 1 of the album's tunes, signed by all the musicians, plus a signed guitar pick. Also, for a limited time only, E-250 is offered at the reduced preorder price of �.99.

Get that preorder in while you can. This special offer is for a limited time only - these special signed items are likely to be traded on ebay in years to come; and the price will revert to �.99 soon as the CD is released. First come first served only!

Soundclips are available for download on the Sound Clips page.

Sad News 01/10/03
The passing of guitar legend, Shawn Lane:

Liquid Note Records is very sad to report the death of one of guitar's greatest assets, Shawn Lane. Shawn passed away on Friday September 26th 2003 at 19:55 (Memphis time). He was just 40 years old.

His passing is a tragic loss to the music world. As any fan will tell you, Shawn possessed unparalleled technical and musical knowledge. His ability to drop your jaw one moment and wring the emotions the next is rarely seen in the guitar world. As such, he is totally irreplaceable.

LNR is proud that Shawn chose to appear on the forthcoming LNR CD, Richard Hallebeek Project and that we will have the honour to feature his awesome talents in what was probably his final recording. It goes without saying that the album will be dedicated to his memory.

You can sign a book of condolences at by clicking here

As you'll see from the messages, his loss has sent shockwaves around the music world as well as affecting those who knew him personally. He will be missed not only as one of the finest guitarists that has ever lived (and a brilliant pianist to boot), but also as a humble, generous and knowledgeable person. Someone who loved life and demonstrated it in his unforgettable music. The world is a emptier place without you, Shawn.

LNR updates 21/08/03
Exciting new projects due imminently from Liquid Note Records:

The Joel Rivard/Alessandro Benvenuti/Milan Polak CD, provatively entitled J.A.M., is making excellent progress. All songs are written and the 3 musicians - along with keyboard whizz, Lale Larson - are currently in the process of adding their solos to each others' tracks. Final mixing and mastering will take place in September, with a proposed release date of around October/November 2003. All three have recorded some of the finest compositions of their careers, so you better believe it's been worth the wait.

Ominox's Contemporary Past, the rock fusion brainchild of keyboard maestro (and featured soloist/composer on The Alchemists, The Richard Hallebeek Project and J.A.M.), Lale Larson is mixed and mastered and slated for an early 2004 release (possibly as a double CD with bonus disc).

LNR are also planning to release The Alchemists II, a single CD featuring all new tunes from a brand new crop of players. We already have a number of people lined up for the CD which promises to live up to, even exceed the standards set on The Alchemists (which, incidentally, was 5th bestselling CD on Guitar 9 out of over 1400 others!). Look for an early-to-mid 2004 release.

Liquid Note Records are also planning to release solo albums from French shred monster, Richard Daude and Austrian virtuoso, Milan Polak, both of whom can be heard on The Alchemists. The latter will be a special double album - details to be announced.

There are several other releases planned which we will announce as soon as possible. Take it from us, they all set new standards in modern musicianship!

You'll soon have the opportunity to pre-order all the 2003 releases. By doing so you'll be entitled to special incentives (see the Richard Hallebeek Project pre-order page for an example of the kind of thing we'll be offering).

Exciting journeys ahead for guitar voyagers everywhere!

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RHP update: 20/08/03
The latest from Rich Hallebeek and RHP

'Brett Garsed got off the John Farnham tour and found the time the finish his solos. I was very happy to hear that he sounds like 100% good ol� Brett! Here抯 what he wrote after the sessions:

"Hey Richard, I hope the album is a huge success. I really enjoyed the tunes and the changes were very challenging for me so I had some fun sweating over them!

"Lale抯 an amazing musician as you are as well so I'm sure the album will be really appreciated by all the fusion fans out there. As I said, it's been a blast playing on the songs. Great compositions! I can't wait to hear the final version with all of the parts and solos as well. Cheers, Brett." 'Previews available on my site now! Surf to and click the CD抯 section. On top you抣l find the RHP CD- under 'tracks' there's four previews:
Prescription Strength: A theme
Good Food: A snippet from my solo
Enigma: Shawn抯 solo
Free: Brett's solo

'I'm hoping to finish tracking, mixing and mastering around September-October. More soundclips will be posted on my site as I'm working on it. Any questions? Feel free to mail me.

Thanks for the wait!

For more information and to pre-order the CD click Here

Richard Hallebeek project - Update 19/04/03
This just in from Richard:

'Shawn Lane played his solos for the Richard Hallebeek Project last week in my home studio. He sounded as brilliant as always - it was great to hear him jam over the RHP tunes since a lot of those were written especially for him.

'It was also intriguing to hear that the master continues to evolve. His Indian influences have been integrated with his blues and rock-based pentatonic playing. The result is a new plateau for Shawn and his playing.

'Shawn hasn't played any 'western'-type music in a while so this album will be the ideal opportunity for Shawn's fans to hear him play over some jazz/rock music again.

'Brett Garsed next! Thanks to everyone for the wait.'

For info and updates stay tuned to these websites:

For more information and to pre-order the CD click Here

Richard Hallebeek project - Update 27/03/03
This just in from Richard:

"Sorry for the delay in getting this album out, but I assure you it'll be well worth the wait!

We've just finished recording the basic tracks at drummer Bas Cornelissen's MDF studios. He's got a great studio set up near his house that allowed to work undisturbed for over a week. Lale Larson came over from Sweden and it was the perfect environment: everybody was relaxed; no leaving-at-this-or-that-time because another band had to come in, no way-too-short deadlines. Just flowing music...

It's not surprising that in this environment we ended up having too much material to fit on one disc! A luxury situation and of course we'll choose the best material to go onto the RHP CD.

Now it's up to the guitar players to do their thing. Brett will start working this month and Shawn will probably visit Holland again in April, so we can hook up then for the recordings. These guys have busy schedules so we have to be a little patient for them to finish their work.

Of course, we won't let people get off without a few extra special surprises! If you preorder now you'll be entitled to:
A signed copy of RHP
A separate disc with a bonus track that is hand numbered and signed - a true collector's item!
Original, complete charts of a few of the album's tunes
A guitar lesson from Rich
A lesson from Lale
A lesson from Bas
More info as it arrives!'

For info and updates stay tuned to these websites:

In the meantime you can download an amazing mp3 from Lale Larson's site. It's a key and drum improv. with Bas Cornelissen, recorded during Lale's recent visit to Holland. I think it'll give you a taste of what's to come come on the CD - get those saliva glands a-flowing! Mess.mp3

For more information and to pre-order the CD click Here

Liquid Note Records are proud to announce another musical collaboration. Towards the end of 2003 the label plans to release an MVP-style feast of guitar and keyboard playing featuring some of the best players in the business.
The three guitarists involved: will be: American Joel Rivard Austrian Milan Polak and Italian Alessandro Benvenuti. All 3 have a wealth of experience under their belt, having performed live many times and having contributed to several musical projects utilising lots of different styles. The project will focus on hard-edged fusion, with each player writing 3 songs which the others will solo over. The project will also feature keyboard maestro, Lale Larson (last heard on LNR's The Alchemists CD). Drummers and bassists to be announced. This promises to be a feast of fantastic musicianship and unrestrained virtuoso playing. More as it happens!

Just released on Lion Records:
Warmth in the Wilderness (Vol II) - A Tribute to Jason Becker

The second volume of this worthy album features tracks by several Alchemists, including Terry Syrek, Milan Polak, Mario Parga and Stephen Ross. Well worth your money, especially as all profits go to Jason Becker who suffers from the crippling Lou Gehrig's disease (or ALS). We at Liquid Note Records fully support the album and hope you will rush out and buy it, not least to enjoy some excellent interpretations of music written and inspired by Jason.

More info here at Lion Music or Jason Becker's website

On sale now!
Don't miss this opportunity to buy Playing With Fire - Acoustic shred at its best. David Kilminster and Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith unleash an acoustic assault with 10 tunes which range from subtle and exotic to aggressive and harmonically challenging. This rare 1996 release was much praised on its release and can be bought exclusively through this site. However, stocks are low so be sure to order quickly so as not to miss out. Once they're sold, they're sold!

To order the CD click Here

The Summer 2002 edition of UK magazine, Guitar Techniques, has just appeared on the newsstands, priced �99. It features a complete, exclusive masterclass transcription - in print and on CD - of Bumblefoot's The Alchemists track, 'Mafalda'. A real treat this one! Order your copy while stocks last (also see the Guitar Techniques website at

New project in the pipeline - Richard Hallebeek is currently planning a new album with Lale Larson and Bas Cornelissen which will feature none other than guitar legend, Shawn Lane. Other guests to follow.

New Website Launched - The ribbon is cut and Mario Parga has launched his long-awaited official website Featured on The Alchemists album, Mario now has his own portal where selected audio samples of his guitar virtuosity, news of his latest album Entranced and future albums will feature very soon. LNR wish Mario good luck with his new website and congratulations to Air Designs for creating yet another great site.

Never one to rest on its laurels, LNR will be releasing several solo and collaborative albums during 2002 & 2003.

Due this year:
Richard Hallebeek - Untitled (with several amazing guests)

Due 2003:
Ominox - Contemporary Past (with keyboard whiz, Lale Larson)

The majority of these artists have tracks on the forthcoming compilation (double) CD, The Alchemists. So you'll be able to hear 'tasters' of what's coming. Please note that release dates are liable to change. Subscribe to the mailing list and be kept up-to-date with the latest LNR album news as it happens.

May 2002 - The Alchemists CD to be released. 27 of the world's hottest guitarists on 2 guitar-ful CDs, complete with 12 page booklet. To order the album, please click HERE. You'll have to be quick though. Stocks are very limited and the album may not be repressed when it's sold out.

April 2002 - LNR employs talented painter, Mariano Baino to paint several forthcoming LNR CD covers. Mariano is principally known as the director of the cult horror classic, Dark Waters. As well as his directorial abilities, Mariano is also a successful screenplay author, a talented website and graphics artist and a nifty photographer to boot. LNR is very proud to have him on board. Based on the designs he's come up with so far, we're in for a real treat.


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