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The Alchemists II
The follow up to LNR's highly popular The Alchemists (double) CD. Feats. 2 guitarists per tune! 15 tracks, over 75 mins of music, covering many styles of playing.
The Alchemists
Double CD of 27 of the world's hottest guitarists.
Electrocution 250 - Electric Cartoon Music From Hell
Outrageous cartoon shred, feat. Todd Duane (guitar/bass), Lale Larson (keys) & Peter Wildoer (drums)!
A magical marriage of hard rock, jazz, blues, metal and fusion by 3 of guitar's most exciting practicioners, Joel Rivard, Alessandro Benvenuti and Milan Polak. With guest key solos from Lale Larson.
Richard Hallebeek Project
Advanced jazz rock fusion by Dutch guitar monster, Richard Hallebeek, with Lale Larson (keys) and Bas Conelissen (drums), and featuring Shawn Lane (guitar) & Brett Garsed (guitar).
Ominox - Contemporary Past
Challenging, catchy, melody-soaked jazz rock fusion with killer keyboard solos and lots of heartfelt guitar solos in the vein of Tribal Tech, Chick Corea and Mike Stern. The solo project of keyboard maestro Lale Larson.

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